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  • Net revenue grew 22.7% in 2Q12, totaling R$65.3 million, compared to R$53.2 million in 2Q11.

  • EBITDA totaled R$49.8 million in 2Q12, a 22.3% increase compared to the same period of last year. EBITDA margin reached 76.3% in the quarter.

  • FFO was R$40.8 million in the quarter, an 8.2% decrease over the 2Q11. The FFO margin in the 2Q12 was 62.5%.

  • Same-store rent (SSR) reached, once again, a double-digit growth of 13.1%, the highest quarterly growth since the Company's IPO. Same-store sales (SSS) increased by 9.2% in 2Q12 over 2Q11.

  • Total sales in our shopping centers reached R$1.1 billion in 2Q12, 18.9% higher than in 2Q11.